Righteousness is the best….

He who sows the ground with care and diligence
acquires a greater stock of religious merit
than he could gain by the repetition of ten thousand prayers.
~ Zoroaster

Praying for Zoroastrians is primarily an individual endeavour at home or in the open, by the sea, on hill tops, or in some other suitable open setting. Zoroastrians traditionally pray five times a day and at meal times. Zoroastrian worship is not prescriptive. Its followers can choose whether they wish to pray and how. Prayers are said facing the sun, fire or other source of light representing divine light and energy. The Prophet Zoroaster placed less emphasis on ritual worship, instead focusing on the central ethics of ‘Good Words, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds’. Zoroastrians hold that the effectiveness of a person’s beliefs is demonstrated in that person’s deeds. While praying helps to reaffirm beliefs, a life based on good deeds is prayer in action.

Ashem Vohu

Righteousness is the best. It is happiness.
Happiness comes to the person who is righteous for the sake of righteousness alone.

(part of the Navjote ceremony)

I worship you in every religion that teaches your laws and praises your glory.
I worship you in every plant whose beauty reflects your beauty.
I worship you in every event which is caused by your goodness and kindness.
I worship you in every place where you dwell.
And I worship you in every man and woman
who seeks to follow your way of righteousness.


This Week’s Affirmation:

“Each day I am getting better and better.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)

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