Prayer for Tuesday (Death of Guru Hargobind)

Today is the Sikh remembrance of the Death of Guru Hargobind Sahib. It is also the Christian Feast of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary.

God is an ocean of limitless patience.
~ Mother Meera

Tav Parsad Chaupai

Salutation to the Primal and Unique by whom the whole creation is created.
God is pervading the waters, over lands and on the skies.

God is the basic Founder and Creator of all. Being invisible and Unfaded.
God is Immanent, and illuminates over all the fourteen worlds.

God lives in all, from the smallest insect to an elephant.
God behaves equally to the rich and the poor.

God is Unparalled, Ineffable and Inseperable.
God knows all the secrets of all.

God is Indefinable, Indestructible, and Unattired.
God is beyond color and form.

God is beyond caste and creed; Being prodigious.
God is the Creator of the universe, is Omnipresent, Incantestable, and Inconvertible.

God is beyond form, caste and creed; Being Untainted.
God is beyond enmity, friendship and without parentage.

God is farthest from all but at the same time is nearest to all.
God inhabits the waters, the lands of earth, and in the skies.

God is pervading everywhere; God’s boundless existence is uniform all over the universe.
The goddess Durga is also seeking protection from God’s feet.

Brahma and Vishnu are unable to explain God’s expanse.
Brahma who has four faces can only utter that none is equal or alike God.

God has been creating millions of Indras and Vamanas.
God has been creating and killing millions Brahmas and Shivas.

The drama of creation and destruction has been playing all over the 14 worlds.
God, when so desiring, squeezes the whole creation within Himself.

God has been creating countless demons, gods, sub-gods, and kings of cobras.
God has been creating divine singers, gods, gods of wealth and other pious saints.

God is the creator of past, present and future stories of history.
God knows each and every secret of everyone.

God is without parentage, Is beyond caste and creed.
God has no special love for any particular caste or creed.

God is illuminated in all souls.
God can be realized in all places among all.

God is Immortal and is beyond the effect of time, thus never growing old.
God’s qualities and virtues are countless; God is Immanent and Invisible.

God is beyond caste and creed and He is Untainted.
God is Incorporeal, Immortal, and Indubitable.

God is the Destroyer of all; God is the Creator of all.
God is the remover of all ills, sufferings, and sins.

Anyone who meditates on God with sincere devotion even for a moment
That person shall never be caught hold of the terrors of death.

(Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

This Week’s Affirmation:

“I radiate love and happiness.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)



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