Prayer for Tuesday

We have confused God with Santa Claus.
And we believe that prayer means
making a list of everything you don’t have but want
and trying to persuade God you deserve it.
Now I’m sorry, that’s not God, that’s Santa Claus.
~ Harold Kushner

God, I do not pray to be sheltered from dangers
but to be fearless in facing them.
I do not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefield
but to my own inner strength that You have given me.
Let me be steadfast and not cave in.
And through all things help me remember
that I am not alone for you are always with me.

(based on a quote by Rabindranath Tagore)

This Week’s Affirmation:

“I am responsible for my own attitude.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)


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