Prayer for Wednesday

The Shinto New Years celebration of Gatan-sai, also called Shogatsu, the Tewa Turtle Dance celebrations and the Zoroastrian holiday of Ghambar Maidyarem continue today.

With spirit we are all children of the cosmos;
Without it we are orphaned and adrift.
~ Deepak Chopra

Dear God,

I have been told I am a sinner and unworthy because I am human.
For, as a human being, I make mistakes.

I cannot dispute that I make mistakes, God.
It seems, sometimes, like my entire life is trial and error.
The worst part is, sometimes, I make a mistake over again
Because I did not learn from it the first time.

It is easy to judge myself and withhold love when I look at my life.
After all, God, am I smart enough?
Successful enough?
Loving enough?
Rich enough?
Thin enough?
Can I ever be?

More importantly
Have I given anything to the world that it really needed?
Or have I concentrated on what I saw as my shortcomings
Instead of concentrating on my talents?

I know how to criticize myself, Lord.
I have been very good at it.
But I am realizing it keeps me feeling small.
And that keeps me from contributing the beauty in my soul.
So teach me how to accept and love myself as I am.

For, although I am grown, it is my nature
—my human nature—
to keep trying things, as a child tries.
As a child falls, I have fallen.
That does not make me bad in Your eyes.
It makes me brave.

For I am resilient, and I never give up trying new things.
Which is how You created me. You created me as a seeker.
You gave me courage to fall and stand up again.
You gave me curiosity
That wants to know and see and experience.

So, like a child, sometimes I get in trouble.
Or, sometimes, what I do winds up not feeling so good.

Guide me, Lord, so that I explore and savor life in safety.
Help me know I am worthy
—infinitely worthy—
Of Your protection and love.

Just as my infant child is worthy of my love when she falls,
So am I worthy of my own love as I explore life.

Fill me with love for myself.
Transform me with new appreciation.
May these words resonate throughout my body, mind and spirit.
Align me with my highest good as I say them.

I am worthy of tender care.
I am worthy of a life I love.
I am worthy of loving friends and family.
I am worthy of wonderful work.
I am worthy of peaceful thoughts.
I am worthy of a peaceful world.
I am worthy of a healthy body.
I deserve happiness.
I deserve Your guidance and protection.

I am entirely worthy.
And the miracle is, when I accept all this good as my Divine Right
Then I serve You better.
I serve You at the highest level.
I serve You in joy, in gratitude and in freedom.
I serve You with no agenda other than loving You and All That Is.

So I accept my worthiness now and I am made anew.
I live in Your heart, bathed in Your love for me.
Because, since You cherish me, I can do no less.

Thank You, Divine Friend, Companion, Creator.
You bless my life with such meaning.
My life is my prayer to You.

And so it is.


This Week’s Affirmation:

“I believe in myself.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)



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