Prayer for Sunday

O GOD of all mercy and goodness, supreme and only LORD, who in thy Divine Humanity reignest alone in heaven, and in thy Church on earth; hear us when we pray; and do thou mercifully be pleased to teach us to pray aright; may all our affections be turned towards thee, and all our thoughts engaged in genuine worship.
And may we feel that thou art near to us, conjoining us to thyself in Love and in Wisdom. Earnestly do we pray that our hearts may be open before thee, to receive thy quickening love, and that our understandings may be illuminated by thy clearest light.
And in our prayers may we remember one another before thee remember our brother with charity as we ourselves need the remembrance of thy mercy. May we so love our neighbor as to do him good and to teach him truth. May the welfare and happiness of thy Church be present before us, that we may ever pray for the peace of Jerusalem, its happiness and prosperity.
May kindness to all be impressed upon our life and conduct; may the wanderer be restored to the right way, and the wayfaring man instructed in the truth. And may thy blessings be multiplied upon the faithful, and thy mercies, like the dews of heaven, descend upon all, who forsaking all else, look to thee alone, as the Sun of their spiritual firmament, and worship thee as the Lord God Omnipotent reigning. Amen.

(from the Order of Worship in the Book of Public Worship,
New Jerusalem Church, published in 1853)

This Week’s Affirmation:

“I am dependable, honest, and dedicated.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)

Starting this week we will post a new affirmation on Sunday for the week instead of every day.


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