Winter Feast for the Soul

We have made a commitment to this 40-day event.
We encourage others to check it out.

Flying Swan and Heart

2012 Winter Feast for the Soul:
January 15 – February 23

creating a global community
to encourage commitment to daily spiritual practice
since 2008

Please Join Us:

Daily guided and recorded meditations to support you in your practice:

  • Insight Meditation and Tibetan Buddhist
  • Christian Contemplative Prayer
  • Kabbalistic
  • Vedic
  • Sufi
  • Sikh
  • Children’s Mindfulness and Stillness in Spanish and in English
  • Mindfulness and Visualization for Older Children and Teens
  • Mindfulness and Stillness for Children in French
  • Mindfulness Practice for Adults in Spanish
Visit our website to learn more about our Candlelight Opening Ceremony, Acts of Kindness as a daily spiritual practice, Interviews with teachers from major spiritual traditions to launch the Feast.


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