Prayer for Sunday (Eid-Ul-Adha)

The Surat Al-Fatihah in Arabic In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds. Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek. Show us the straight way. The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, Those whose portion is not wrath and who go not astray.
(Qur’an, 1:1-7 [Al-Fatiha])

Surah Al-‘A’lá
Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High,
Who has created (everything), and then proportioned it;
And Who has measured and then guided;
And Who brings out the pasturage,
And then makes it dark stubble.
We shall make you to recite the Qur’an, so you shall not forget it,
Except what Allah, may will,
He knows what is apparent and what is hidden.
And We shall make easy for you the easy way (i.e. the doing of righteous deeds).
Therefore remind men in case the reminder profits them.
The reminder will be received by him who fears (Allah),
But it will be avoided by the wretched,
Who will enter the great Fire (and will be made to taste its burning.)
There he will neither die nor live a good living.
Indeed whosoever purifies himself shall achieve success,
And remembers the Name of his Lord, and prays.
Nay, you prefer the life of this world,
Although the Hereafter is better and more lasting.
Verily, this is in the former Scriptures –
The Scriptures of Ibrahim (Abraham) and Musa (Moses).

Takbir (Allahu Akbar)
Allah is Great! Allah is Great! Allah is Great! Allah is Great! Allah is Great!

Dua Al-Qunut
O Allah, guide me along with those whom You have guided
and pardon me along with those whom You have pardoned
and be an ally to me along with those whom You are an ally to
and bless for me that which You have bestowed
and protect me from the evil You have decreed.
For verily You decree and none can decree over You.
For surety, he whom You show allegiance to is never abased
and he whom You take as an enemy is never honoured and mighty.
O our Lord, Blessed and Exalted are You.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I move beyond forgiveness to understanding
and I have compassion and kindness for all.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)


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