Prayer for Friday

Show me the truth

Beloved God,
Show me the truth about this.
I now surrender all fears, doubts, and judgments,
and invite the light of perfect consciousness to illuminate my path.
Pure love is present here and now,
as God lives in every person I meet.
I send love and appreciation to all my associates,
knowing with perfect confidence
that he or she is guided by the same Great Spirit that guides me.
I am not separate from my brothers and sisters,
but one with them.
I trust that my highest good is unfolding before me,
and I accept the very best that love and life have to offer.
I am worthy of living in the kingdom of Heaven,
even as I walk the earth. I claim it now.
Thank you, God, for loving me infinitely,
and opening all doors for the highest good of all concerned.
I receive Your love, and magnify it.
And so it is.

(Alan Cohen)

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am one with all things.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)


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