Prayer for Saturday

The source of all good in my life is infinite and inexhaustible. The source of all good in my life is Spirit. I place my faith in the One True Source.

I give thanks for the gifts I have already been given. I have been given a life, intelligence, a heart with which to feel and wisdom to guide me. Yet there is so much more being offered to me. Unconditional love, unlimited spiritual growth, and infinite potential – these are but a few of the gifts from Spirit. I open myself to receive them all with gratitude and joy.

I was created from Spirit and It wants only to support me. It is ready to give me all I need. I know deep in my heart that I am deserving of all the good things in life. My acceptance of the support of the Universe is all that is necessary for It to begin Its work in my life.

I allow the Power of Spirit into my life by becoming aware of Its presence in every circumstance, condition, person and thing in my life. In every aspect of my world, I see Spirit in action, loving and supporting me.

I depend only upon Spirit for my good. My faith is great. My arms are open. And my heart is filled with thanks.


Today’s Affirmation:

” I have prosperity, freedom, and ease in my financial affairs.”

(For more on Affirmations, go to my Affirmations Page.)


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