Prayer for Saturday

Yigdal Yigdal in Hebrew

Exalted be the Living God and praised,
He exists – unbounded by time is His existence;
He is One – and there is no unity like His Oneness –
Inscrutable and infinite is His Oneness;
He has no semblance of a body nor is He corporeal –
nor has His holiness any comparison;
He preceded every being that was created –
the First, and nothing precedes His precedence;
Behold! He is Master of the universe to every creature –
He demonstrates His greatness and His sovereignty;
He granted His flow of prophecy –
to His treasured, splendid people;
In Israel, none like Moses arose again –
a prophet who perceived His vision clearly;
God gave His people a Torah of truth –
by means of His prophet, the most trusted of His household;
God will never amend nor exchange His law –
for any other one, for all eternity;
He scrutinizes and knows our hiddenmost secrets –
He perceives a matter’s outcome at its inception;
He recompenses man with kindness according to his deed –
He places evil on the wicked according to his wickedness;
By the End of Days He will send our Messiah –
to redeem those longing for His final salvation;
God will revive the dead in His abundant kindness –
Blessed forever is His praised Name.


‘Yigdal (“may he be magnified”) is often the concluding prayer of the Friday evening service in Sephardic congregations; the Ashkenazim recite it during weekday morning prayers. This prayer, believed to be composed by R Daniel bar Judah, is based on the “Thirteen Principles of Faith” described by Maimonides in his book, Commentary on the Mishnah. Yigdal restates the first two commandments of the Ten Commandments – “I am the Lord thy God” and “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” Yigdal is a powerful hymn reminding the Jewish people of the power of God.‘ (From Yigdal entry by Ariel Scheib, Jewish Virtual Library)


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